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First Empire Academy for Napoleonic Studies.
By Professor
Sir Eduardo Garzón-Sobrado
From the National Academy of History and Geography (UNAM)

President-Fundor of the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute, INMF.
El Prof. Eduardo Garzón-Sobrado, Presidente-fundador y director general del Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia .
E. Garzón-Sobrado
« Facts speak by themselves, they shine like the sun.
What could I be attacked for that an historian couldn't defend me?
Shall I be accused of having loved war too much?
He will demonstrate that I have always been attacked!
« History is a lie that no one contests »
Napoleon I.

Constituting the main pivot of action and geographic pole that consolidates and consecrates the institutional an spiritual Napoleonic presence in Latin America, our Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute intends to crystallize very numerous objectives from which the most important are, without any doubt, the diffusion and the knowledge of the Napoleonic history and legacy, as well as, principally, the defense of the memory and, – strange notion, even incomprehensible in this beginning of the XXIst Century for most of all population – of the Honour of EMPEROR NAPOLEON I the Great.
Effectively, and very regrettably, the deceitful antiphrasis, the « Napoleonic blinkered thinking » according to the lucid expression of French historian Jean-Claude Damamme, have been throughout the History constant intruders in the field of the studies consecrated to Napoleon and the Empire.


Forged with as much ruse as malice and diffused at ease by the plutocratic oligarchs of the London Cabinet and their henchmen after the crumbling of the Empire, this cumulus of lies, generally known as « the Black Legend » of the Emperor, has been complacently diffused until the nausea by historians and writers of bad faith, by stipended media, by all kinds of opportunist authors, or in many cases simply negligent ones, until getting definitively established and anchoring in a peremptory manner in the collective imaginary of a trustful and often credulous public.

Systematically exploited, periodically reappearing with strength and, in recent times, with a wickedness and a premeditation at the very least strange (and of course in no way fortuitous), this aggravating tendency expresses itself essentially through the perseverant repetition of fallacious and vicious stereotypes constantly summoned up to the non-expert public in the subject, thus straying its opinion and slowly transforming the blunt lie into a presumed « truth », allegedly incontestable, and which, although absolutely illusory, does not get less « official »… In this disconcerting, deleterious context, and without looking forward to go any further, we can per example cite the alas typical image of the megalomaniac slayer, the obsessive conqueror avidly devouring the world in order to satisfy his inexhaustible personal ambition.

Modello of a portrait of Emperor Napoleon
Oil rough draft by Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825).
Realized in 1807, the definitive painting, today lost, was exposed in the Cassel Palace, where King Hieronymus of Westphalia reigned. In this magnificent representation, we can see the Emperor in an attitude of placid majesty, with his calm look lowered observing his peoples.
Standing near the imperial throne, he has put down Charlemagne’s crown and the Hand of Justice, « staff of virtue and Truth », in order to hold the globe, symbol of the world, ended by the cross of the King Saint Louis. « It’s fine, it is very fine, David. You have guessed my whole thought. You’ve made me a French knight », will the Emperor say to his official painter.
Far away from these vulgar vaudeville’s caricatures, it is a demonstrable fact that Emperor Napoleon, universal incarnated symbol of resistance before the invader forces of oppression, last champion of the Latin civilization in its secular fight in front of the menace of the expansionist and supremacist political and economical Anglo-Saxon aims (and consequently, especially from 1807 after the franco-russian peace treaty of Tilsit, living personification of the worst nightmares that would subsequently torment a Halford Mackinder, anchored in the heart and in the lead themselves of his euro-asiatic « Heartland »), Napoleon, were we saying, never declared a single war, and participated in the incessant and deadly battles that were imposed to him by the innumerable international Coalitions conveived, orchestrated and financed by England – that « nation of shopkeepers » and « of heretics », as he used to say – only in spite of himself and in a state of legitimate defence of France and of his own. This is an irrefutable reality that permits us to certify with composure and a formal certitude that the erroneously called « Napoleonic Wars » – a dishonest expression that plays with a skilful dialectic artifice, conscientiously premeditated in order to disguise what it would be most appropriate to call « the Coalitions Wars » – the alleged « Napoleonic Wars », were we saying, did never exist!

On the very contrary, during his whole fabulous reign and until his ignominious immolation upon a dark and distant rock in the name of France, of its integrity, of the emancipative values and of incipient civil rights – angular stone of the contemporary free world’s morale and civic foundations – Napoleon never ceased in its quest of a lasting peace, he never stepped back before any sacrifice in his efforts to establish bridges of dialog and to appease the aggressor enemies of France, conjured powers on a salary of the inflexible and bloodthirsty banking thalassocracy of the Pitts and the Castelreaghs, that mammonic « perfidious Albion » and its parasitical financieristic mercantilist oligarchy that would not tolerate – on the epic frame and theater of a new punic war on a planetary scale, colossal duel until death between the new Carthage and Rome, between the sea and the earth – that its commercial hegemony, as well as its projects of colonial expansion, to be menaced by an antagonist glorious, catholic, latin, prosperous and flourishing France of the Consulate, and then of the Great Empire.

Thus, to wash the memory and to keep watch over the honour of Emperor Napoleon, as well as to introduce to the Spanish world his true visage, that of the great creative genius, of the unequalled legislator, of the tireless builder, magnificent patron and guardian of arts and sciences, constant promoter of peace and extraordinary craftsman of the modern world; such are both the essential objective and central function developed on a daily basis and in a permanent effort by the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute.

August 2004.

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