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First Empire Academy for Napoleonic Studies.
« Seeing consciousness degrade, corruption extend, I think about the great things of the past and I feel tempted to say to the Chamber, to the press, to the whole France: why, let’s talk for a while about the Emperor, that will make us good »
Victor Hugo.
El Emperador y Rey Napoleón I portando la Corona de Hierro de Lombardía.
S.A.I. y R. el Príncipe Juan-Cristóbal, Príncipe Napoleón.
The Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute is resolutely attached to the legacy and the tradition of the Imperial House of France founded by H.M. EMPEROR AND KING NAPOLEON I, as well as to the Napoleonid Dynasty, today nobly incarnated by His Imperial and Royal Highness Mons. Jean-Christophe, PRINCE NAPOLEON.

Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia , INMF.

General (2S) Michel Franceschi.
By General (2S)
Michel Franceschi, F.I.N.S.

Commander of the Legion of Honour
Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute’s Special Military Consultant

Former Historic Consultant and special
Advisor to Dr. Ben Weider, founder of the International Napoleonic Society

Incomparable genius of Humanity, architect of the modern world and champion of Human Rights revealed by the Siglo of Enlightment, EMPEROR NAPOLEON found himself in the vanguard of the first planetary ideological confrontation of the modern age. Thus he concentrated in his person the most virulent attacks, dictated by frenzied partisan passions, still not totally eased today. The writing of his history suffered from it deeply, accumulating lies and errors of judgement which ended setting themselves up as a dogma by means of mind hammering.
Institution with no lucrative goals, irradiating through the world, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute has set as its exclusive mission to do full justice to Napoleon, defending his honour and honouring his glorious memory.
Concerned by clarity and coherence, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute sticks before all with inscribing its action out of the polemic frame of discussion forums, agitated and confuse. Resolutely opposed to the grievous « napoleophobe » neurosis that reigns, it refuses any compromise with the current 8th ideological coalition which aims to shatter at any cost Emperor Napoleon’s colossal historical statue. Immense program, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute reserves its energy to his defense, to his whole defense and nothing more than his defense.
That is the reason why it opens its columns and literary prizes only to persons that adhere without any reserve to this Charter. May they know that they shall find a warm friendship in our Napoleonic family.

Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia, INMF.

Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia , INMF.

The MEXICO-FRANCE NAPOLEONIC INSTITUTE, MFNI, is a cultural institution which aims to serve historic truth and artistic and literary creation, engaged with its free diffusion to the public in general, and having as main goal the defence and preservation of the memory and honour of H.M. EMPEROR NAPOLEON I, as well as transmitting his heritage in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking countries.
In that sense, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute has as its foundation the idea of encouraging the enrichment of our countries through education and development in all areas of knowledge and arts, by means of teaching and historical studies as well; equally, the MFNI consecrates its efforts to the impulsion of various artistic expressions and initiatives from a theoretical, but also, and mainly, practical point of view.
For all these reasons, besides of being in direct contact and in regular collaboration with the most important organisms and associations of Napoleonic studies on an international level, the MFNI has established ties of friendship and constant labor with the world’s most eminent institutions of the field.

Like these instances, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute gathers the most prominent specialist in the globe, with the double goal of bringing to Mexico – and through it to the whole Hispanic world – their experience and knowledge, and projecting ours to the world while digging furrows and sowing seeds in order that new generations of Mexican and Hispano-American thinkers, artists and writers may germinate in all fields of creation, so limited in the Napoleonic subject, especially in Latin America and practically inexistent in Mexico.
En effect, in our very specific national frame, we have to mention that the most powerful obstacles that the MFNI has to face daily, are without any doubt the historic amalgams and prejudices, so deeply anchored in a country which during so many decades was in the hands of organs hostile to the imperial tradition and symbols, and that have cultivated an incessant politics of social dissolution and national division upon the basis of partisan, manichean strategies, and systematic historic disinformation.

Thus, facing the double challenge that represents the thorny task of making one’s way through a virgin ground, and the fact of arising the interest of a public most of the times indifferent in what touches to Napoleonic history and studies, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute, conscious of its commitment towards national cohesion and social progress, as well as of the necessity of printing at this level powerful images in the popular spirit and imagination, devolves itself with great energy to carry on events of great symbolic charge and deep historical weight, trying at the same time to escape from all pre-existent reference, always in a frame of respect and impulse of our national values, traditions, beliefs and identity as Latin peoples. To reach these objectives, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute consecrates itself day after day to the task of realizing and promoting the creation of original works, as well as diffusing existent works, not very known, or even unpublished.

Finally, we are proud to say that, despite of its initial intrinsic limitations, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute accomplishes punctually and suitably its primary mission, which beyond teaching, historic and artistic creation and diffusion, also looks forward to perpetuate and intensify the cultural relations existing between Mexico and France, as well as to spreading and fortifying Francophony in America, fundamental and essential projects which brilliantly highlight the force and vigour of the ties of friendship and fraternity that intimately bond our peoples.

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