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« Tout pour l'Empire » - Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia.

The Napoleonic Voice of the Hispanic World
Presence, Legacy & Tradition

« I am so much identified with our prodigies, our monuments, our institutions, all the national acts, that one could not separate me from them without committing an injury to France: its glory lies upon acknowledging me! And any subtlety, any detour, any lie that one could employ in order to prove the contrary, I shall not remain less all of that to the eyes of this nation ».
Napoleon I.


Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia, INMF. Ciudad de México.

The 15th of August 2004, day of the 235th anniversary of H.M. EMPEROR and King NAPOLEON I’s birth, an innovative institution consecrated to the study of his life and work, the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute, MFNI, has at last seen the day in Mexico, so putting an end to the sad and long absence of such an organism in this country, a situation that had unexplainably went on until then.

That so long waited event was the result of an intention to study in depth and to spread the knowledge and contributions of the Napoleonic age, as well as to promote and to encourage their study through the different academic and cultural means.
In these conditions, the INMF comes to complete and enrich the efforts that other prestigious institutions have carried out since so many years already, intending to be an operative branch that may amplify and enlarge their range of action, beyond the borders of their respective countries.

In the same time, in its condition of official instance of representation in Mexico, promoted by H.I.H Prince Charles Napoleon, approved and encouraged by the Napoleon Foundation, the Napoleonic Souvenir, the International Napoleonic Society, the Napoleonic Alliance of the United States of America, and the Russian Association of Military History, among others prestigious institutions, it is important to stress that the INMF consecrates at last the Napoleonic spritual and institutional presence in all continental North America.


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Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia - Institut Napoléonien Mexique-France
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