Armas del Emperador Napoleón I.
Honneur et Patrie
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Historic and Literary Contest
Instituto Napoleónico México-Francia.
First Empire Academy for Napoleonic Studies.
« ... You shall be faithful to my memory, you will not do anything that could hurt it. I have sanctioned all the principles; I have infused them in my laws, in my acts, there is not a single one which I have not consecrated (...) Be faithful to the opinions that we have defended, to the glory that we have acquired; outside of that there is nothing but shame and confusion »

Premio Memorial Conde de las Cases, México.

The year 2006 marked a milestone in the annals Spanish language Napoleonic history with the realization, in Mexico City, of the first edition of the Count of Las Cases Memorial Prize, Latin America's first historic and literary Napoleonic contest.

Presided and supported by the Count François de Las Cases - chief of the House of Las Cases -, acknowledged and endorsed by the International Napoleonic Society (Canada), the Napoleon Foundation (France), the Souvenir Napoléonien (France), the Napoleonic Alliance (U.S.A.), the Russian Association of Military History (Russia), and gathering more than twenty of the most illustrious specialists of the genre in one single jury without a parallel nor precedents, this event took on in fact a much greater importance, as it was the founding act of the Latin-American School of Napoleonic Studies.

This noble creation is the bright expression of the spirit and vocation of the Mexico-France Napoleonic Institute, a Mexican institution with international objectives, and which in this condition seeks to elevate Mexico to the highest spheres while projecting its talents and own values, but also those of the whole Hispanic world, to the most illustrious levels in the field of the historic studies, favouring in the same time the development and creation of permanent cultural links of frienship and of fraternity between two sister and Latin nations: Mexico and France.

Following, we have the honour of presenting a reasoned list of the laureates of this prestigious contest.

EMPEROR NAPOLEON dictating his memories in Saint-Helena
Premio Memorial Conde de las Cases, México.

Edition, title, author’s name, classification, percentage and average evaluation of the works

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Evaluación más recurrente. LEGEND OF THE EVALUATIONS
Trabajo amateur, vale 0 puntos. Amateur
Trabajo correcto. Correct
Trabajo bueno, vale 2 puntos. Good
Trabajo destacado, vale 3 puntos. Remarkable
Palmas Académicas, vale 4 puntos. Academic Palms
Medalla Memorial Conde de Las Cases. LAUREATES
Edition Year
NAME OF THE AUTHOR ORIGIN PHOTO POINTS % Evaluación más recurrente.
I 2006 A gaze upon Napoleon in the work of Alfonso Reyes Eurípides Ulises Sánchez Segura Mexico City, Mexico-Premio Memorial Conde de las Cases, México. Eurípides Ulises Sánchez S. 45 (/72) 62,5 Trabajo destacado, vale 3 puntos.
II 2007 The Path to Liberty: The Napoleonic roots of Mexico's Independence E.S. Enrique Sada Sandoval Torreón, Cohauila, Mexico-Premio Memorial Conde de las Cases, México.  E.S. Lic. Enrique F. Sada Sandoval. 107 (/128) 83,5 Trabajo destacado, vale 3 puntos.
III 2008         (/)  

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